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ABOUT USDownright Demolition was founded in 2018

By Edmonton Demolition Expert Penny Mc Ewan

Downright Demolition was founded in 2018 by Edmonton demolition expert Penny McEwan and her husband. With years of experience in the demolition industry and having worked each position in the demolition career path, Penny created Downright Demolition to be Edmonton’s go-to location for demolition services. After becoming a proud member of the Mosaic Home Services family of companies in 2020, the team at Downright Demolition has established themselves as Alberta’s demolition experts that know how to Bring It Down Right.

Currently, the local team at Downright Demolition continues to expand their demolition service offerings and service areas for both residential and commercial clients across Western Canada. With over 50 years of combined experience in the demolition industry, Downright Demolition that the knowledge, efficiency and safety protocols to ensure that all your demolition needs are met including selective demolition, structural demolition, asbestos testing and abatement, and junk removal!

Where most people see a messy, dirty process in demolition, this team sees an opportunity to safely transform residential and commercial properties and protect the environment. In short, excellence and deconstruction go hand-in-hand. Downright brings more than 50 years of combined experience to your site, going the extra distance to uphold your timeline and budget. Punctual, neat, and highly trained, Downright Demolition Ltd. makes sure your structure comes “down right.” Contact their team of project managers, estimators, and site supervisors today!

Downright Demolition’s StoryThe story of Downright Demolition has a unique founding story.

Its Journey of One of Their Owners Penny Mc Ewan

The story of Downright Demolition has a unique founding story in the sense that it follows the journey of one of their owners Penny McEwan. 

Penny originally started her career in the demolition industry in 2000 with an organization called Woodland Demolition. For two years she had worked in the field until the organization was acquired by B&B Demolition. Shortly after Penny started to climb her career ladder where she moved up to the role of Tool Forman and worked her way to Site Supervisor. She had successfully fulfilled this role for seven years and had an extensive portfolio of projects to look after each year. With the knowledge that she gained from being in these roles, Penny moved into the role of Junior Estimator to Operations Manager and then General Manager. 

In 2017 her career at B&B Demolition came to an end when the company was sold and the culture had changed. After trying a few other avenues, Penny realized that her passion was in the demolition industry and she and her husband decided to start their own demolition company with their youngest son Jamie McEwan. 

Downright Demolition, established in 2018, became the newest brand partner of Mosaic Home Services in 2020. Since becoming a brand partner, Downright Demolition has expanded its service offerings in both their Alberta and British Columbia divisions.

The team at Downright Demolition is Western Canada’s demolition and deconstruction experts. They give home and business owners the opportunity to safely transform properties and protect the environment while they do so. Employing the best equipment and experts in the industry, Downright makes demolition a breeze. Let this team make the beginning of your renovation or maintenance project as easy as possible, and ensure it’s done right the first time.

Downright DemolitionServices

Selective Demolition

looking to Complete Some Interior or Exterior Renovations on Your Property?

Regardless of whether it’s a home or a business, the exterior of a building is the first impression. Make the first impression a great one with Colour Envy Painting’s professional exterior painting services. As the best local painting contractor in Edmonton, Colour Envy Painting provides quick, clean, and high-quality exterior painting.

When it comes to exterior painting projects, Colour Envy Painting of Edmonton has a systematic approach that ensures your complete satisfaction. Following this process helps them make sure that your exterior painting job is of the quality that they promised you.

Structural Demolition

You won’t find complete structural demolition services like theirs anywhere else.

Structural demolition is a service that our team at Downright Demolition has years of experience with. When you’re looking to start from scratch and are ready for a clean slate to begin rebuilding, this is the demolition service for you. 

Downright Demolition knows that demolition probably just gets you to square one — that you have an entirely new building to create after they’re gone. Keeping that in mind, they remove every obstacle between you and your vision, leaving the property clean and ready for construction. Best of all, the team at Downright is dedicated to reducing, reusing, and recycling as many materials they remove as possible! You won’t find complete structural demolition services like theirs anywhere else.

Asbestos Testing and Abatement

Should only Ever Be Done by A Qualified Professional Like the Team at Downright Demolition.

If you’re planning on removing materials from your home or business it is crucial for you and your family/team to have a professional asbestos testing service completed to ensure that there are no hazardous fibres in the materials that you’re removing. 

Asbestos testing and abatement services are something that should only ever be done by a qualified professional like the team at Downright Demolition. This group offers asbestos testing services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. If you have come into possession of an old home or building, Downright can give you peace of mind knowing it was built using materials that are safe for humans to be around. If they do find any evidence of asbestos, they can also help create a demolition plan for abatement.


With over 50 years of combined experience in the demolition industry, the team at Downright Demolition is committed to bringing it down right. With a priority on safety and efficiency, you can be sure that your demolition project is handled with care.


The team at Downright not only focuses on the safety of their team and members around them but the overall wellbeing of your property as well


Committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling as many materials removed off your project site as possible


Downright's demolition experts are frequently trained and evaluated to complete quality work in an efficient manner

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To find out more about Downright Demolition’s range of services, and to get started with a free quote for your next demolition project, check out their website. You won’t find a more experienced team of professional demolition workers in Western Canada. If you’re looking for other home services, explore Mosaic Home Services’ other brand partners to meet your needs. From painting to cleaning, and many things in between, Mosaic Home Services has a top-notch brand partner to get the job done.

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The Mosaic Home Services Family of Companies prides itself on exceptional client experiences throughout all of our associated brands. You can expect the same professional standards from every project manager from your initial sales inquiry to the completion of your project. No matter which company you work with, we will do what it takes to make it right.

We value your business and the relationships we have built, and our entire group is committed to rewarding you for your loyalty. Mosaic Home Services has introduced the Stack the Savings program as a way to show our appreciation for your business.

Now that you’ve seen some of our other brand partners, call another Mosaic Home Services affiliated brand and learn how you can save on your next project!

If you have any questions about Mosaic Home Services, our lineup of brand partners, or want more information about our Stack the Savings program, fill out the contact form below to get in touch with Mosaic Home Services directly!

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