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From humble beginnings to new franchise locations...

After becoming a proud member of the Mosaic Home Services Group of Companies in 2018, the team at Screen Savers Plus was established as Alberta’s go-to window screen and screen door technicians.

The Screen Savers Plus team continues to expand their screen solution products and services and now provides a wide variety of options to fit Alberta’s screen needs. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Screen Savers Plus has the expertise, knowledge, skills, and proper tools to perform a variety of high-quality screen solutions throughout Edmonton and Calgary. From window screen repairs and replacements, patio screen door builds, custom-fit retractable screen doors, and motorized retractable drop-down screens, the experts at Screen Savers Plus can help you bring in additional airflow and comfortability to your home or business with 100% Canadian products.

In June of 2022, Screen Savers Plus opened their first franchise in Calgary, Alberta! Tyler Scott, a former screen technician for Screen Savers Plus in Edmonton, had the drive and motivation it took to become a business owner and decided to open in Calgary. With support from the Mosaic Home Services Leadership Team, Tyler was able to expand this premium screen company into a new market, bringing the breeze into Calgary. Screen Savers Plus Calgary has been incredibly successful thus far and Tyler and his team are very excited to see where this franchise opportunity can take them.

Screen Savers also repairs and replaces damaged screen windows or doors for residential homeowners and commercial property managers. Screen Savers helps you bring in the breeze by covering your windows doors, decks, and patios with state-of-the-art screen systems that are custom fit for you. Their mission is to help homeowners enjoy the freshness of the outside within the safety of their homes.

To learn more about Screen Savers Plus, their reviews, and past projects, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Screen Savers Plus' StoryThe Humble Beginnings of Screen Savers Plus

"I FIX SCREENS CALL 780-910-6688"

Screen Savers Plus was founded in 2007 by Arthur Boutin. An entrepreneur at heart, Arthur was going to school to complete his Education degree, but when the summer rolled around he found himself with some extra time on his hands to save up for the next semester. With the motivation to get his name out there, he printed signs that read “I FIX SCREENS CALL 780-910-6688” and put dozens upon public roadways, parks, parking lots, and everywhere else he could. After receiving a multitude of immediate phone calls, some of which were from bylaw officers, Arthur knew he had a viable business model.

Once he graduated in 2010 Arthur decided to dive full force into his growing business, offering different lines of retractable screen doors, awnings, window screen repair and replacement, and custom screen solutions. Working with residential clients and a number of property management firms, there was always a tenant in need who had broken their window or door screens. For years he built his business on his own, until 2016 when one of his longtime customers, Bill Knight, approached him with a proposal to partner and help grow his business.

From there Arthur and the Knight’s continued to develop the business model and expand operations across Northern Alberta, offering new and innovative products that are truly second to none in the industry. Today Screen Savers Plus is owned and operated by Mosaic Home Services and continues to grow at a fast pace. This team is committed to providing high-quality products and services and looks forward to franchising their business model out to continue growing across Canada.

Screen Savers PlusServices

Retractable Screen Doors

Keep The Fresh Air In & The Bugs Out

Regardless if it is for your home or your business, a retractable screen door custom fitted by the team of screen technicians at Screen Savers Plus will be an amazing addition to any property. Being a full coverage screen that is there when you need it and hidden when you don’t, these screens bring in additional airflow while keeping the unwanted bugs outside. 

Virtually fitting on any type of door, these custom retractables can be installed on single entry inswing or outswing doors, fresh door setups, or sliding patio doors! The modern housing units are small enough to hide the screen away, be it their standard fibreglass mesh or the other upgraded mesh options, when not in use and blend into the frame of your door. Curious about the colours matching your current door frame? There are over 8 standard colours to select from and over 20 diamond colours available for upgrade. 

Screen Savers Plus’s certified Mirage retractable screen door installers offer the following features:

Custom fit retractable screen doors for any door type
A variety of standard and upgraded colour options to find the perfect match
A number of mesh options for upgraded durability
Sleek and Modern housing units to compliment your home or business
An easy to use pivot pro handle to make operating your retractable screen door smooth
Retractable door rescreening services available!

Window Screens and Screen Doors

Do you have a window screen that has torn mesh?

Screen Savers Plus offers a variety of options if you have window screens or screen doors that are in need of repair or replacement. Having a completely mobile service available for their residential and commercial clients, the team of screen technicians are able to come on-site to your property to complete all screen services to ensure a custom screen that will have a proper fit and an incredible seal. 

Do you have a window screen that has torn mesh? A quick re-screen is the screen solution that you’re searching for! Whether you’re looking to get the mesh replaced with standard fibreglass or you wish to upgrade your mesh to pet mesh or another durable option, this team of screen experts has a solution that will fit your needs best. Is your window screen frame bent, crooked, missing, or broken? No need to worry! No matter the style of window that you have, this team has the ability to custom build you a proper window screen that will fit into your windows perfectly 

Have a sliding patio screen door that needs to be re-screened or replaced? No problem! Screen Savers Plus custom builds each of their patio screen doors to ensure that it’s the proper height, width and that the wheels are working properly. All you have to do is let this team know the approximate width, colour. and the type of mesh that you would like for your brand new patio screen door!

Window screen rescreening
Custom built window screens
Patio screen door rescreening
Custom built patio screen doors

Motorized Retractable Drop Down Screens

Stay Protected From The Sun and The Bugs

Are you looking to enjoy all that the outside has to offer without the hassle of bugs? This could be the screen solution for you! Perfect for covered decks or patios, a motorized retractable drop-down screen will allow you to enclose your outdoor spaces with premium mesh. Custom-fit to the exact size that you require them, these screens can fit on a number of large openings. 

There when you need them, and hidden when you don’t, this is the perfect screen solution if you’re searching for bug protection, additional privacy, sun protection, and to limit other elements such as wind and rain. Think that this could be the perfect addition to your home or business? Connect with the team at Screen Savers Plus today!

Custom fit for any large opening
Sleek and modern designs to compliment any home or business
Come in a variety of premium mesh options to best suit your screen needs
Premium motors for reliable operation


Whether you're a homeowner, business representative, or property manager in Alberta, Screen Savers Plus treats every screen solution with the care and detail it deserves.


All of our screen solutions are custom built to the exact size of your doors, windows, or large openings to ensure a proper seal


Each of the screen experts at Screen Savers Plus are trained in all of their residential and commercial screen solutions


Our Screen experts are frequently trained and evaluated to complete quality work in an efficient manner

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To find out more about Screen Savers Plus’s range of services, and to get started with a free quote for your specific screen solution, check out the Screen Savers Plus website. You won’t find a better local window, door, and large opening screen company in Alberta. If you’re looking for other home services, explore Mosaic Home Services’ other brand partners to meet your needs. From painting to fencing, and many things in between, Mosaic Home Services has a top-notch brand partner to get the job done.

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