The Way Of Life At Mosaic

Culture It's what makes our business rare and is the sum of our core values, traditions, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.


“Our culture at Mosaic is truly what makes us a family. We always have each other’s best interests in mind, and that mentality applies to more than just our team, we extend that to our clients as well. I think it really sets us apart from the rest because we want to see our clients succeed as much as we want to succeed ourselves.”

Connected | Inclusive | Collaborative

Sarah Mercier
Chit Chat Chickadee


“I have never worked at a place where the leadership team is invested in your growth professionally, personally and within the community.”

Motivating | Nurturing | Challenging

Lachlan Allward
Creator of Open Spaces


“Working for Mosaic is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Everything is an open book and the team is directly involved with how the company is growing and actively contributes to strategy. Our financial statements are proudly displayed in our office for all to see. The company’s success is the team’s success, and vice versa.”

Straight Talk | Open Office | Autonomous

Tami Klufas
Conductor of Finances and Flowcharts

A culture built on collective values

Our Core Values drive everything we do and each decision we make.

Our Core ValuesOur definition of success: When our core values and self-concept are in harmony with our daily actions and behaviors


Integrity means doing the right thing, even if it’s not easy or popular
Keeping our promises to our clients, our suppliers, and our fellow team members
Being authentically ourselves, open, honest, and transparent
No matter what happens, it’s our responsibility to make it right for our customers


We dedicate time, energy, and resources to learning on a regular basis
Our best learning experiences come from the mistakes we’ve made
It’s our responsibility to learn one new thing every day
Learning keeps us at the top of our industry, always providing the best cutting edge solutions for our clients


The actions of one team member have the power to affect other team members, customers, suppliers, & community stakeholders
Our team is fiercely united, looking out for one another at every turn
It is our responsibility to add value to every stakeholder in the chain, including our customers, suppliers, & community partners
We work collaboratively to create solutions that shake up industries


Our learning is only as effective as our ability to apply it
We make a conscious effort to innovate and rebuild our business from the ground up on a regular basis
It’s our responsibility to get at least 1% better every day
Nothing is ever written in stone – our systems & processes are built to evolve with the needs of our customers.


It is our responsibility to add value to our customer’s largest investments – their properties. If they can’t profit from the work we’ve done, we’ve done something wrong.
We practice open, honest, & transparent pricing policies
We don’t offer discounts; instead, we deliver more value to projects
It’s our responsibility to reinvest our profits back into our team, infrastructure, & community