The Way Of Life At Mosaic

Culture It's what makes our business rare and is the sum of our core values, traditions, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.


“Our culture at Mosaic is truly what makes us a family. We always have each other’s best interests in mind, and that mentality applies to more than just our team, we extend that to our clients as well. I think it really sets us apart from the rest because we want to see our clients succeed as much as we want to succeed ourselves.”

Connected | Inclusive | Collaborative

Sami Saragoca
Pane & Picket Pro


“I have never worked at a place where the leadership team is invested in your growth professionally, personally and within the community.”

Motivating | Nurturing | Challenging

Alyssa Gueco
Brand Manager of Screen Savers


“Working for Mosaic is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Everything is an open book and the team is directly involved with how the company is growing and actively contributes to strategy. Our financial statements are proudly displayed in our office for all to see. The company’s success is the team’s success, and vice versa.”

Straight Talk | Open Office | Autonomous

Tami Klufas
Conductor of Finances and Flowcharts

A culture built on collective values

Our Core Values drive everything we do and each decision we make.

Our Core ValuesOur definition of success: When our core values and self-concept are in harmony with our daily actions and behaviors


Upholding a practice of diligence, respect, and honesty in all our interactions, ensuring we stand true to our commitments to clients, suppliers, and team members alike.


Embracing a culture of continuous learning, we draw insights from each other and our missteps, fueling personal growth, business excellence, and community development.


By recognizing the ripple effect of our actions, we cultivate critical partnerships with customers, community, and suppliers, fostering a united and supportive network for mutual growth and benefit.


Recognizing the importance of your precious asset, we aim for prompt and attentive responses to client needs, making every effort to ensure a worthwhile and effective engagement.


Leading the charge in setting industry trends, we possess a keen recognition of quality work, striving not only to meet but excel in the high standards we set.

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Value 1:

At Mosaic Home Services, integrity is the golden thread that weaves through every aspect of our seven distinct brands. We pride ourselves on upholding a practice of diligence, respect, and honesty in all our interactions. This commitment ensures that we stand true to our promises to clients, suppliers, and team members across the diverse spectrum of our home service offerings.

“Turning Mistakes into Sweet Solutions”

At Mosaic Home Services, we believe that transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of exceptional customer service. While we strive for perfection in every service installation, we also recognize that mistakes can happen. It’s how we respond to these challenges that truly defines our commitment to our clients.

Embracing Humble Pie

In the rare instance when we fall short of our own high standards, our leadership takes a humble and heartfelt approach to rectify the situation. We call it the “Humble Pie” initiative. It goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it’s about turning mistakes into sweet solutions.

Acknowledgment with a Personal Touch

Picture this: a knock on your door, and there stands a member of our leadership team, not with excuses but with a freshly baked, delectable pie. This is our way of saying, “We made a mistake, and we’re committed to making it right.” The adage “eating humble pie” takes on a literal meaning, as we acknowledge our misstep and present you with one of the best pies in the city.

The Best Pies in the City

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our service installations to the way we address any hiccups along the way. The pies we deliver aren’t just any pies – they are carefully selected from the best bakeries in the city. We want the experience of receiving a Humble Pie to be a delightful one, showcasing our dedication to turning a momentary lapse into a lasting positive memory.

Continuous Improvement

The Humble Pie initiative isn’t just a one-time gesture; it’s part of our larger commitment to continuous improvement. We learn from our mistakes, refine our processes, and use every opportunity to enhance the quality of our services. Your feedback matters, and we see each challenge as a chance to grow and serve you better.

At Mosaic Home Services, we believe that the true measure of a company lies not just in its successes but in how it handles its missteps. With our Humble Pie initiative, we invite you to experience a level of service that goes beyond the ordinary—a service that turns challenges into opportunities for connection and improvement. Because at Mosaic, we’re not just building homes; we’re building relationships, one pie at a time.

Value 2:

As a collective force under Mosaic Home Services, we understand the intricate links that connect us to our clients, communities, and suppliers. This interconnected approach is especially evident in our seven specialized brands. By recognizing the ripple effect of our actions, we cultivate critical partnerships, fostering a united and supportive network for mutual growth and benefit across all our home service endeavours.

Building Bridges: The Power of Connectivity within Mosaic’s Family of Brands

At Mosaic Home Services, our commitment to being Linked is more than just a value—it’s a testament to the strength and unity within our diverse family of brands. This story illustrates how the interconnectedness of our services not only meets the varied needs of our clients but also builds lasting relationships.

A Seamless Connection

A client was first introduced to the Mosaic Family of Brands through Screen Savers. The client initially engaged with Screen Savers for their exceptional screen windows and doors. The positive experience led them to explore other services within our family, leading the client to Everlast for a seamless vinyl fence installation.

A Unified Experience

What sets Mosaic apart is the linked connection between our brands. When the client expressed interest in elevating their home’s ambiance with holiday lighting, our team linked the client over to Five Star Holiday Decor, another proud member of the Mosaic Family of Brands.

Connectivity Beyond Services

The client journey wasn’t just about completing individual projects—it was about experiencing a unified approach to home improvement. The connectivity within Mosaic’s Family of Brands ensured consistency in quality, reliability, and customer care throughout his home transformation.

Your Journey with Mosaic

This story is just one example of how Mosaic Home Services provides a comprehensive and connected experience for our clients. We understand that your home is a reflection of your unique needs and aspirations, and our Family of Brands is here to cater to every aspect of that journey.

At Mosaic, we celebrate the power of connection, turning individual services into a harmonious symphony of excellence. Join us on a journey where every service is Linked, ensuring your home receives the best care and attention from a family that understands the true meaning of unity in service.

Value 3:

At Mosaic Home Services, we believe in the transformative power of education within the diverse realms of our seven brands. Embracing a culture of continuous learning, we draw insights from each other and our missteps. This commitment fuels personal growth, business excellence, and community development, ensuring that every member of our team is equipped to deliver the highest quality service in their respective fields.

Empowering Growth: A Dedication to Education at Everlast Vinyl Fencing

In the dynamic world of Mosaic Home Services, the core value of Education is not just a concept; it’s a driving force behind the growth and success of our team. This story unfolds our belief that on-the-job training is as invaluable as traditional university learning.

A Mentorship in Progress

Ben was the experienced leader at Everlast Vinyl Fencing, whose dedication to education extends beyond the installation of fences. Recognizing the potential in Sami, a team member eager to learn, Ben took it upon himself to guide her journey in the world of vinyl fencing.

Recognizing Efforts: Ben Acknowledges Sami

In the spirit of acknowledging and celebrating the pursuit of knowledge, Ben named Sami for her exceptional efforts toward in-the-field education. This gesture not only recognizes Sami’s dedication but also emphasizes the value that Everlast places on continuous learning.

On-the-Job Training: A Valuable Pathway

Within the world of vinyl fencing, Ben and Sami exemplify the belief that on-the-job training is as valuable, if not more so, than traditional university learning. As Sami learned the intricacies of quoting jobs, she grew from Ben’s wealth of experience, transforming each task into a valuable lesson that goes beyond the confines of a classroom.

Knowledge Transfer 

Education isn’t confined to textbooks; it’s a living, breathing part of our culture. Ben’s commitment to imparting knowledge and Sami’s enthusiasm for learning create a synergy that transcends the typical employer-employee dynamic, fostering an environment where growth is not just encouraged but celebrated.

At Mosaic, we celebrate the power of education, recognizing that each lesson learned on the job contributes to the growth and success of our team.

Value 4:

As custodians of your most precious asset, time, Mosaic Home Services and its seven distinctive brands recognize the importance of prompt and attentive responses to client needs. Our commitment to efficiency ensures a worthwhile and effective engagement, respecting your time across the spectrum of home services we provide.

Elevating Efficiency: Saving Time, One Property at a Time

At Mosaic Home Services, the core value of Time isn’t just a concept; it’s a commitment to delivering unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Alyssa’s recent encounter with a property manager perfectly encapsulates how our services go beyond the ordinary, saving valuable time for our clients.

A Time-Saving Solution

Imagine a property manager with a routine reliance on subcontractors for various services. Now enter Alyssa, representing Screen Savers on behalf of Mosaic Home Services. In a recent meeting, Alyssa presented a compelling alternative, demonstrating how we could streamline the process and save significant time for the property manager.

The Power of Streamlining: No Need to Go On-Site

Alyssa eliminated the need for the property manager to go on-site or coordinate with multiple subcontractors. We become a one-stop solution, not just for the services we offer but for some of the time-consuming logistics that often accompany property management.

Unparalleled Convenience: We Take Care of It

In choosing Mosaic Home Services, the property manager isn’t just opting for services; they’re opting for unparalleled convenience. By allowing us to handle the logistics of acquiring homeowner addresses and needs, they can redirect their time and efforts to more strategic aspects of their role, trusting that we’ll take care of the rest.

Time-Saving, One Property at a Time

Alyssa’s approach is a shining example of how our dedication to saving Time isn’t just a value—it’s a tangible benefit for our clients. We understand that time is a precious asset, and by streamlining processes, we empower our clients to allocate their time where it matters most.

Your Time, Our Priority

At Mosaic Home Services, your time is our priority. Whether you’re a property manager seeking streamlined solutions or a homeowner looking for hassle-free services, we are here to save you time, enhance your convenience, and exceed your expectations.

Value 5:

Setting industry trends and leading the charge in quality work, Mosaic Home Services and its seven specialized brands possess a keen awareness of the impact our services have. We strive not only to meet but to excel in the high standards we set, driving innovation and positive change within the realms of home services and beyond.

Unlocking Opportunities: Building Awareness and Career Growth at Mosaic

At Mosaic Home Services, the core value of Awareness takes on a transformative role in shaping the careers of our team members. In this story, we delve into the commitment to creating an environment where careers flourish. Enter Ben, our self-titled “Chief Door Knocker,” imparting knowledge, and fostering awareness among our Brand Managers.

A Vision for Growth: Steven’s Perspective

Recognizing the potential within our team, Steven envisioned a role where knowledge could be shared, and new careers could flourish. Thus, the goal of creating an environment conducive to growth became a driving force at Mosaic.

Ben’s Transformation: Chief Door Knocker

Ben was previously the Brand Manager of Everlast Vinyl Fencing, and has since transitioned into the self-titled role of “Chief Door Knocker.” This transformation is more than a title; it’s a dedication to imparting knowledge and educating our Brand Managers on the intricacies of Ben’s proven sales process and insights.

Unlocking Insights: The Sales Process

Ben isn’t just opening doors; he’s unlocking a wealth of insights and experience. His role involves not only sharing the technicalities of the sales process but also providing valuable insights gained through years of experience in the field. This initiative brings a heightened awareness of effective sales strategies to our Brand Managers.

Fostering a Learning Culture

The creation of the Chief Door Knocker role signifies Mosaic’s commitment to fostering a learning culture. By utilizing Ben’s expertise, we’re not just imparting knowledge; we’re creating an environment where awareness of successful sales tactics is woven into the fabric of our brand management approach.

Your Career with Mosaic

We aim not only to open doors to better home services but to open doors to unparalleled career opportunities, making Mosaic Home Services a place where your awareness expands, and your career soars.