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“If you’re looking for a career, you’ve found the right place. If you’re looking for ‘just a job,’ then you’re not for us.” -Bill Knight

Our Leadership Team


Creator of Culture & AccountabilityBill Knight


Creator of Solutions & OpportunitiesSteven Knight


Chief Encouragement OfficerGrace Knight

About Our Mentors

"Our Mentorship Team at Mosaic Home Services is proud to have built a uniquely diverse team founded on a family-based culture of learning, evolving, and collaboration."

Creator of Culture & AccountabilityBill Knight

We Make It Right

It is our commitment, and our obligation, to make it right for each client.

Founder B&B Demolition Ltd., and primary investor in dozens of other businesses across Western Canada, Bill Knight is a devoted philanthropist, leader in the business community, and a true entrepreneur at heart. Bill is a member of EO, Synergy Networking Group, has been named a recipient of the National Philanthropy Day Awards twice, and was named a Business Leader of Tomorrow by Business in Edmonton Magazine. Bill has served as an EO Accelerator Mentor and has experience in building dozens of brands across a variety of industries — from hospitality to construction to real estate.

Bigger and Better Businesses

There's a lot of people out there that have the skills and unique trade knowledge that just need help growing their business.

While completing a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction at the University of Alberta, focusing on Business Economics & Law, Steven Knight built his professional career at B&B Demolition Ltd., while also founding other small businesses. A devoted volunteer, Steven is a proud member of the Global Shapers Community and a Past Director at YESS. Steven focuses on financial analysis and management of the Mosaic portfolio, as well as sales, revenue, and mentorship of the management teams within each Mosaic brand.


Creator of Solutions & OpportunitiesSteven Knight


Chief Encouragement OfficerGrace Knight

Community Oriented

Each member of Mosaic is within the communities that we live in, play in, and provide services to.

Grace is an avid community activist, volunteer, and philanthropist. Her caring attitude, combined with her cunning business acumen, assist her in developing the best in people, businesses, and her community. After spending years building the team at B&B Demolition Ltd., she has set her sights on working with passionate entrepreneurs across Western Canada.

Mosaic Home Services has been an amazing part of our family for many years, and we are grateful. It is truly the kindness of strangers that have an incredible impact on our families' journeys and their gratitude is immeasurable. Thank you Mosaic Home Services for choosing to make a difference in the lives of children fighting cancer and for many other causes.
Penny McEwanOwner of Downright Demolition Ltd.

About Our Team

"Each one of the members is unique in their own way and brings their own individual contributions to our success."
woman smiling at camera

Cultivator of Brand Success

Ghaida Daher

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Ghaida Daher, our Cultivator of Brand Success, works with our Brand Managers to improve processes, systems, and business practices. She is dedicated to helping the team members at Mosaic succeed in order to better serve our valued customers.


Director of Demolition

Penny McEwan

Full Profile

Penny McEwan, started her demolition career in 2002 at B&B Demolition. While being at B&B She was involved in all aspects of the company and helped grow the company until 2017. All though taking some time away from the demolition, industry she soon realized that her passion was demolition. She started Yellow Jacket Demolition in June of 2018 and rebranded it to Downright Demolition in January of 2019. With the continued support from friends, family and clients Downright Demolition has had enormous growth. Downright Demolition is proud to part of the Mosaic Family.

Penny is a past member of BOMA and BNI and had the pleasure of meeting new people.

With her extensive knowledge in Demolition and the mentors that have helped her become who and where she is today, Penny looks forward to continue and learn every day.



Tami Klufas

Full Profile

A dynamic and enthusiastic achiever, Tami brings a deep-seated hunger to know and do more. With an extensive background in small business accounting, she has an abundance of knowledge and skills to bring to the team. She is a graduate of NAIT, a mother, and an advocate for her fellow human beings. She loves a good challenge and an organized spreadsheet.


Curator of Debits & Credits

Rhonda Baty

Full Profile

Rhonda is an earnest and diligent team member serving as our Curator of Debits and Credits. With her strong work ethic and attention to detail, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth financial operations of our organization. Beyond her professional expertise, Rhonda brings a touch of humor to the workplace, lightening the atmosphere and brightening everyone’s day. Rhonda’s helpfulness is well-known among the team. She is always willing to go the extra mile to assist others and provide guidance whenever needed. Her friendly and approachable demeanor make her a reliable resource for any questions or concerns.



Jamie McEwan

Full Profile

Jamie McEwan has dedicated himself to becoming a notable supervisor/ safety officer for Downright Demolition Ltd. With training coming from a team who built B&B Demolition Ltd. and has over 50 years of experience.  He is a devoted family man with strong community connections and looks forward to the successes of Downright Demolition Ltd.


Chief Door Knocker

Ben VanGelder

Full Profile

As the Chief Door Knocker, or Head of Sales, for Mosaic Home Services, Ben VanGelder brings a wealth of experience and infectious enthusiasm to the team. Since joining Mosaic in June 2021, Ben has leveraged his strong communication skills and dedication to exceeding customer expectations to build a thriving sales operation. He fosters a collaborative environment where his team thrives on exceeding customer needs and delivering the best possible home service solutions. Ben’s genuine care and charisma ensure a positive experience for every client, making him a true asset to Mosaic Home Services.


Illumination Specialist

Mike Stone

Full Profile

Mike, our lighting savant, illuminates not just homes, but also the Mosaic Home Services team with his infectious enthusiasm and easygoing personality.

Mike’s passion for understanding his clients’ needs shines through in his consultations. He doesn’t just sell lights, he helps people transform their spaces, making them more inviting and enjoyable. When Mike’s not lighting up a room (literally or figuratively!), you might find him whipping up delicious meals for his family. His dedication to customer satisfaction and his genuine warmth make him a lighting consultant our clients adore.


Shop Coordinator

Gordon Fleming

Full Profile

Gordon, our meticulous and caring Shop Coordinator, is the backbone of Mosaic’s day-to-day operations. His keen eye for detail ensures everything runs smoothly, from organizing supplies to coordinating technician schedules. Gordon fosters a supportive environment where the team feels valued and empowered to deliver exceptional service to our clients. He’s also an amazing artist! If you get a chance to meet him, ask to see his sketches!


Customer Success Manager

Olivia Helbrecht

Full Profile

Olivia, our phenomenal Customer Success Manager, is a powerhouse of positive energy with a proven track record in customer service and sales. Her extensive experience has honed her skills in building strong client relationships and ensuring exceptional experiences. Olivia’s infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to excellence make her a perfect fit for her role. She possesses an innate ability to understand customer needs and craft personalized solutions that consistently exceed expectations. Her optimistic outlook and motivational spirit inspire those around her, fostering a collaborative and results-oriented work environment.

Steven Knight Edify's Top 40 under 40
Steven Knight champions a collaborative ethos at Mosaic Home Services Ltd., nurturing a team-centric culture that has propelled Mosaic into a diverse home-improvement conglomerate across 15 locales. Annually, nearly 100,000 homes benefit from an array of services delivered by a harmonious team. The camaraderie, showcased in events like a multicultural potluck, enriches both the workplace and client interactions, making each project a blend of communal effort and cultural enrichment.
Top 40 Under 40 | Edify.Steven Knight

Brand Manager

Jaquie Morris

Full Profile

Jaquie, our dynamic Brand Manager for Miraculous Maids, brings a vibrant energy and a wealth of enthusiasm to our team. With her unwavering dedication and infectious morning energy, Jaquie sets the tone for a productive and exciting day. Jaquie’s commitment to the success of the Miraculous Maids brand is unparalleled. She consistently goes above and beyond to explore new opportunities and discover innovative ways to enhance the brand’s reach and impact.


Brand Manager

Deryck McCutcheon

Full Profile

Deryck is the Brand Manager of Everlast Fencing, one of our premium home service companies. He truly cares and aims to bring the best fencing solution to each property he steps foot on. A true enthusiast for sweets and pies, Deryck’s friendly demeanor and genuine interest in his clients make him a pleasure to work with. As a family man, Deryck understands the importance of creating safe and beautiful environments for families to enjoy.


Property Enhancement Specialist

Sami Saragoca

Full Profile

Sami, our dedicated Estimator at Everlast Fencing, specializes in providing customers with precise quotes and seamlessly scheduling their service appointments. Known for her quiet demeanor, Sami nevertheless achieves exceptional results and ensures each client receives the attention they need. Outside her professional role, Sami harbors a deep affection for animals, particularly dogs, and finds joy in cooking.


Operations Coordinator

Ihor Deineha

Full Profile

Ihor has been an integral part of the Mosaic Home Services Group of Companies, serving as our Operations Coordinator. With his smart and diligent approach, he consistently delivers high-quality results in various aspects of our operations. Ihor’s strong handyman and crafting skills ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently and to the highest standards. Communicative and hardworking, Ihor always makes sure that customers are thoroughly satisfied with their services before concluding any project. Don’t forget to say hello to Ihor next time he assists with your home services!


Marketing Manager

Kanishk Chadha

Full Profile
Kanishk Chadha, our Marketing Manager, has a background in marketing analytics, business analytics, and all things technology and data. Kanishk leads our Marketing team to successful campaigns using performance marketing techniques. His focus on data-driven marketing and constantly improving processes for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness make a large positive impact for the Mosaic Home Services Group of Companies. Kanishk is the go-to guy and is always happy to help fix any issues that arise with systems.

Marketing Specialist

Cissy Xu

Full Profile
Cissy, our diligent and efficient Marketing Specialist, brings a unique blend of creativity and humor to our team. One of Cissy’s standout talents lies in her ability to create captivating and visually appealing artwork. She enjoys indulging in her passion for creating digital doodles and designing webpages. In addition to her professional skills, Cissy’s sense of humor adds a light-hearted and enjoyable element to the workplace. Her ability to find humor in everyday situations creates a positive and lively atmosphere, making her a joy to work with.

Operations Coordinator

Mohsen Affes

Full Profile

Mohsen brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to his role as the Operations Coordinator for Colour Envy Painting. With a deep commitment to excellence and a hands-on approach, Mohsen is an invaluable asset to our team. His hardworking nature, helpful attitude, and willingness to assist his colleagues whenever needed make him a standout member of our organization. Having Mohsen on board enhances our operations, ensuring that every project benefits from his attention to detail and strong work ethic.


Customer Success Representative

Sam Thomson

Full Profile

Sam is a delightful and compassionate member of our inside-sales team at Mosaic Home Services. Since joining us, Sam has proven herself to be a natural at building and nurturing client relationships, consistently going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Her warm and friendly demeanor makes her a pleasure to work with and creates a welcoming atmosphere for both clients and colleagues alike. Aside from work, Sam finds joy in watching movies and TV, and she adores spending time with puppies.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Shubham Kaundal

Full Profile

Shubham is our talented Digital Marketing Specialist at Mosaic Home Services, where he excels as an ad expert. His dedication and conscientious approach to digital campaigns drive outstanding results, showcasing his hardworking and diligent nature. Beyond his professional skills, Shubham’s hidden sense of humor adds a delightful layer to his personality, enriching team interactions for those who know him well. His strategic insights and clever campaigns continue to be a major asset to our team.

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