Mosaic Home Services Ltd. was formally incorporated in February 2018, born out of a partnership that was founded in 2016 between a group of entrepreneurs and investors.

Passionate about working with homeowners and entrepreneurs alike, the Mosaic team came together to fill a gap in the market that left homeowners hunting for reputable contractors, and entrepreneurs struggling to build the business they had always dreamed about. Contact our team today for more information!

Our Story

Mosaic Home Services Ltd. was born out of a partnership between business owners who all had a passion for helping people. Steven Knight, Bill Knight, Grace Knight, and Arthur Boutin, formed Mosaic Home Services to help entrepreneurs in the home improvement sector who were exceptional in their craft, their potential, and their enthusiasm to grow.

All too often entrepreneurs across North America start businesses because they have an expertise in an industry and a passion for success that boils within. This drives them to break the mold and go out on their own. Regardless of their craft, professionals in the trades always face the same challenge – growth. Growing a business has a lot of lonely and difficult parts that no one ever talks about. Cash flow, hiring, the slow season, customers who demand discounts, they’re all part of the process of growth, and it’s a difficult uphill grind day in and day out. Most entrepreneurs don’t make it more than 3 years.

Nothing can take the pain of growing a business away, but being aligned with people who have been there before can help tremendously. That’s what Mosaic does – their team makes investments in established businesses and startups in the home improvement sector. They work day in and day out with the business owners and entrepreneurs who run those organizations to set and achieve goals for their growth.

Mosaic Home Services isn’t a marketing firm. Mosaic isn’t a referral service. Mosaic isn’t a professional service provider. Mosaic is a group of passionate people who are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in the home improvement sector grow their business. Their owners and team members roll up their sleeves every day to help. They’re partners, invested in the success of each and every one of their brands.