This Is Just Our Begining

Follow our journey to become Canada's Largest Home Improvement Franchise Network.

Mosaic Home Services Ltd. was born out of a partnership between business owners who all had a passion for helping people.

Steven Knight, Bill Knight, Grace Knight, and an additional founding partner, formed Mosaic Home Services to help entrepreneurs in the home improvement sector who were exceptional in their craft, their potential, and their enthusiasm to grow.

All too often entrepreneurs across North America start businesses because they have expertise in an industry and a passion for success that boils within. This drives them to break the mould and go out on their own. Regardless of their craft, professionals in the trades always face the same challenge – growth. Growing a business has a lot of lonely and difficult parts that no one ever talks about. Cash flow, hiring, the slow season, customers who demand discounts, they’re all part of the process of growth, and it’s a difficult uphill grind day in and day out. Most entrepreneurs don’t make it more than 3 years.

Nothing can take the pain of growing a business away, but being aligned with people who have been there before can help tremendously. That’s what Mosaic does – our team makes investments in established businesses and startups in the home improvement sector. We work day in and day out with the business owners and entrepreneurs who run organizations to set and achieve goals and grow their businesses into franchisable business models. Our partners are invested in the success of each and every one of their brands.


Partners In the Making

The Knight family met their founding partner through a BNI introduction in 2014. Initially reaching out for an inquiry to get a custom full-service holiday decor package, this was the beginning of a lifelong friendship
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An Idea Was Born

The Knights and founding partner started working together with the Five Star Holiday Decor, Screen Savers Plus, and Everlast Vinyl Fencing brands. It was at this time where the idea of Mosaic Home Services began and plans were being created on the overall business model

Moving Up

  • With the promise of Mosaic and the opportunities it would bring, there was a need to invest in one foundational location that the team could meet in. The team called this new location Bay 30. This space was a large storage unit that held all of Five Sar’s holiday lighting packages with a mezzanine on top that housed 4 desks for each general manager. Quickly outgrowing this space the team started to gather bay units across Edmonton to house their many home improvement brands
  • The first ever shareholders meeting was held!
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Colour Envy Painting

Dean Mergel approached the Knights and founding partner with years of experience in the painting industry and the drive to run his own business. Out of this partnership grew the Colour Envy Painting brand

Cleaning Command

Rob and Jordan McLeod approached the Knights and founding partner with the want to grow their veteran-owned and operated carpet cleaning business into a franchisable business model. The father-son team joined the quickly growing group and expanded their business by over double their first year!

Growth Was Inevitable

The team was growing so quickly that it was time for a bigger office space with more offices! They moved offices to the following location: 18020 105 Ave Edmonton Alberta.
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It’s Just The Beginning

Mosaic Home Services was formally incorporated in 2018 by Three Knights Investments and the founding partner. This was the beginning step towards the goal of becoming Canada’’s Largest Home Improvement Franchise Network

Downright Demolition

Downright Demolition Ltd. was owned by a longtime friend of the Knight family and joined the Mosaic Home Services group of companies in 2018.
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Growing In & On The Business

January 2019 hosted our first annual Mosaic Home Services Summit

Iron Shield Roofing

Iron Shield Roofing joined the team at Mosaic Home Services looking for mentorship, guidance, and capital to grow their business.

Iron Shield Roofing

Shine Above Window And Gutter Cleaning

The home service brands at Mosaic saw a gap in the market for a professional exterior cleaning company that residential homeowners and property managers could trust. The group at Mosaic teamed together to create the Shine Above Window and Gutter Cleaning brand.
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Moving Towards Our Goal

January 2020 hosted our second annual Mosaic Home Services Summit.

January 8th, 2020 was move-in day to our newest office space located at 11511 160 Street Edmonton Alberta.

Franchise #1

The team at Mosaic Home Services sold their first franchise location for Five Star Holiday Decor in Leduc, Alberta in October 2021!


In August 2020 our team at Mosaic Home Services said goodbye to Iron Shield Roofing, one of our home service brands. Our goal at Mosaic is to provide mentorship and guidance to entrepreneurs looking to grow their business and the team helped this group grow to a point where they were comfortable expanding on their own. Mosaic watches this team continue to grow and succeed in Western Canada!

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Yard Hero

In January 2021 the team at Mosaic Home Services started looking at options to expand their exterior home services and decided to create another home service brand named Yard Hero. Focused on natural and organic lawn care solutions, this brand was created to fill a space in the oil and chemical dependant industry

Miraculous Maids

Originally a part of the Cleaning Command team, a team member reached out to the mentorship team with the idea of partnering with Mosaic to create a new brand that focused on maid services and residential cleaning. Miraculous Maids quickly grew from this idea and officially became the 10th brand that Mosaic has taken on.

Farewell To Cleaning Command

Our team at Mosaic Home Services is consistently working on evolving in today’s home improvement industry. With this in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize that our brand Cleaning Command has winded down its operations at the end of June in 2021. This was an amazing business venture for our team and we are grateful to have learned from them every step of the way.
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Screen Savers Plus Calgary North Franchise

In June of 2022, Tyler Scott officially opened the first Screen Savers Plus franchise in North Calgary! After working as a screen technician for Screen Savers Plus Edmonton for about a year, Tyler was ready to take the next step and become a business owner. As a highly motivated entrepreneur, looking to bring premium screen solutions to Calgary and create a better work-life balance for himself, Tyler has had great success thus far. The Mosaic Leadership Team is very proud of Tyler and has thoroughly enjoyed providing him with mentorship and assistance as he starts his journey with Screen Savers Plus in North Calgary. 

Introducing Screen Savers Plus Calgary with a photo of a man in front of the Calgary skyline

Screen Savers Plus Calgary South Franchise

Max Fernandez, a motivated entrepreneur, started our second Screen Savers Plus Calgary franchise in August of 2022, servicing the South region of the city. By starting this second Calgary location, Max will be able to ensure that our Calgary customers are getting high quality, efficient service, no matter where they are in the city. With mentorship and support from the Mosaic Leadership Team, Max is ready to help South Calgary bring in the breeze!

Man wearing Screen Savers Plus shirt
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