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ABOUT USMiraculous Maids was founded in 2021

Miraculous Maids is Mosaic Home Services’ newest home improvement and maintenance brand.

Miraculous Maids is Mosaic Home Services’ newest home improvement and maintenance brand. Founded in 2021, this brand was created to provide Edmontonians with a go-to cleaning company for all of their residential cleaning needs. After becoming a proud member of the Mosaic Home Services family of companies, the team at Miraculous Maids was established as Edmonton’s premier residential cleaning company!

Presently, the local team at Miraculous Maids offers a variety of sparkling residential cleaning services including reoccurring maid services, one-time cleaning visits, move-in and move-out cleanings, and carpet cleaning services that keep residential homeowners and property managers locations pristine and beautiful. Whether you’re a residential homeowner, a property management group, or a business developer, the team at Miraculous Maids has the cleaning solution for you. 

With over a decade of combined experience offering successful residential cleanings and a team of incredible cleaners, Miraculous Maids has the expertise, knowledge, skills, and proper tools to perform a variety of high-quality cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. 

Finding professional maid services in the Edmonton region can be difficult as the industry is full of independent labourers who don’t hold the proper liability, insurance, and quality standards. Miraculous Maids has worked hard on establishing an efficient team of cleaning technicians, who are continuously trained and evaluated to ensure a quality job is completed every time.  This team also holds the proper licenses and safety certificates to properly conduct their cleaning packages that suit their client’s needs.

Get your home sparkling and your property spotless this year with this team’s premium residential cleaning services! 

To learn more about Miraculous Maids, their reviews, and past projects, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Miraculous Maids’ StoryMiraculous Maids was established in 2021

By Members of The Mentorship Team at the Mosaic Home Services Group of Companies

Miraculous Maids was established in 2021 by members of the mentorship team at Mosaic Home Services. Wanting to create an all-inclusive residential cleaning company to fill the gap in Edmonton’s professional cleaning market, the Mosaic team joined together to build Miraculous Maids to provide premium residential cleaning services in the Capital Region.

Miraculous MaidsServices

Recurring Maid Services

Do you enjoy coming home to a clean house consistently?

Do you enjoy coming home to a clean house consistently? There is nothing better than coming home from a hard day at work or a long day with your family to a clean home. Discover how easy it is to have your home consistently clean with the team at Miraculous Maids!

Whether you’re looking for monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly cleaning services, this team has a variety of sparkling packages to choose from for your reoccurring cleaning needs! Interested in learning more about these options and when you can get your home on their cleaning list? Connect with one of the Miraculous Maids representatives for your free in-person quote to go over your home’s unique cleaning needs. 

Not every home needs a full-time maid service, and that’s okay! But there will always be cleaning projects around your home that aren’t your favourite to tackle. This is where the team at Miraculous Maids is able to help! If you’ve got a large to-do list or just want to mark some of those larger cleaning projects off for the year, Miraculous Maids’ residential cleaning packages are a great opportunity to get them completed. 

Ready to learn more about Miraculous Maids cleaning packages and service offerings? Reach out to this team of professional cleaners today!


To provide residential homeowners with a consistent, dependable, and thorough cleaning experience so they can spend more time doing the things they love


Our Miraculous Maids are frequently trained and evaluated to complete quality work in an efficient manner


Each of our Mriaculous Maids is trained to complete a variety of residential cleaning services including general cleanings, deep cleanings, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and more!


Each home has a unique set of cleaning needs, that's why the team at Miraculous Maids is proud to offer a number of sparkling packages to suit each home's needs best!

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To find out more about Miraculous Maids’ range of services, and to get started with a free in person quote for your home’s specific cleaning needs, check out the Miraculous Maids website. You won’t find a better residential cleaning company in Edmonton. If you’re looking for other home services, explore Mosaic Home Services’ other brand partners to meet your needs. From painting to fencing, and many things in between, Mosaic Home Services has a top-notch brand partner to get the job done.

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The Mosaic Home Services Family of Companies prides itself on exceptional client experiences throughout all of our associated brands. You can expect the same professional standards from every project manager from your initial sales inquiry to the completion of your project. No matter which company you work with, we will do what it takes to make it right.

We value your business and the relationships we have built, and our entire group is committed to rewarding you for your loyalty. Mosaic Home Services has introduced the Stack the Savings program as a way to show our appreciation for your business.

Now that you’ve seen some of our other brand partners, call another Mosaic Home Services affiliated brand and learn how you can save on your next project!

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