1. Mentorship Blog 4: The Importance of Processes

    Where are the keys?  Processes tell people what to do every day. What happens if your key employee quits? Gets sick? Moves? Any number of unforeseen circumstances can and most likely will happen on any given day in any given week in any year during a business’s lifespan. It is naive to trust one person with a task integral to the company’s day-to-day operation and not have a process written f…Read More

  2. Mosaic Home Services March 2021 Update

    Spring is officially here and all of our home improvement brands and home service franchises, at Mosaic Home Services are taking advantage of the warmer weather and sunny skies! Because of Spring’s early arrival, our team has seen increased demand over the last few weeks for home improvement products and services, and our dedicated project managers are jumping at the opportunity to help educate …Read More

  3. Spring Cleaning checklist

    Spring has officially arrived and our team of home improvement experts at Mosaic Home Services are ready to tackle all of those Spring Cleaning Checklists! If you’re wondering which projects are the best to work on this Spring, make sure to check out our Spring Cleaning list and see how each of our home improvement brands are able to help with their reputable services. Interior Spring Cleaning W…Read More

  4. Home Services Franchise Opportunities

    At Mosaic Home Services Ltd. we are always working on Growth. Growing our Brands, Growing our Minds, Growing our Dreams.  One of those goals is to grow into Canada’s Largest Home Improvement Franchise Network. But Why Franchise? Franchising allows bigger businesses to branch out and grow, while also giving people the opportunity to run their own business.  Think Independence with Guidance and …Read More

  5. Introducing Mosaic Home Service’s Newest Brand Yard Hero! Lawn Mowing and Snow Removal Services – February 2021 Updates

    February has arrived, and so has a bitter cold that our team of home improvement brands at Mosaic Home Services see each year. Thankfully the cold weather in the Capital Region only lasts so long and we have warmer days and exciting exterior home service projects ahead!  One exciting piece of news that our team at Mosaic Home Services has this month is the introduction to our newest home service …Read More

  6. Mentorship Blog 3: The Importance of Learning

    The Importance of Learning I believe in every organization it is important to always be learning at every level. We at Mosaic Home Services take the opportunity in our Quarterly Themes to learn collectively. This way we are all focused on the same goals and can be not only accountable to ourselves but to each other. I have found this type of learning to be more efficient and appropriate than on an…Read More

  7. Mosaic Home Services January 2021 Update

    It’s the new year and our team at Mosaic Home Services is embracing the fact that 2020 is OVER and that 2021 has new and exciting things for our team ahead! This January has been relatively warm and some of our more seasonal services are having an early kick off! With restrictions still in place here in Central Alberta, our team of home improvement experts continue to adapt and evolve to ensure …Read More

  8. Mentorship Blog 2: The Importance of Morning Huddle

    Every morning our team at Mosaic Home Services starts the day with a morning huddle. It is an informal meeting, intended to be more of a peer-to-peer information session designed to support each member of the team in their specific goals for each day.  Each team member has two minutes to share with the group the following:  What’s up- an update or account of something relevant to the group reg…Read More

  9. Mosaic Home Services December 2020 Update

    It is the end December, and this month has gone extremely fast for all our teams here at Mosaic Home Services. The holidays always seem to make this month shorter and our teams are committed to completing as many home improvements projects as we can before the New Year arrives. That and having to adapt our practices to follow the newest COVID-19 restrictions outlined by the province has made a ve…Read More

  10. Mentorship Blog 1: Self-Compassion Will Make You a Better Leader

    This month one of our owners, Bill Knight, decided to share an article from the Harvard Business Review for our mentorship blog. Each month Knight shares articles such as this with our team in our internal newsletter. Knight is our Creator of Culture and Accountability and consistently works to instill leadership in our group as we're a unique team that has many strengths in diverse fields. We're …Read More