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ABOUT USEverlast Vinyl Fencing was founded in 2013

by Arthur Boutin and his business partner Keith.

Everlast Vinyl Fencing was originally founded in 2013 by Arthur Boutin and his business partner Keith, who were both entrepreneurs at heart. After becoming a proud member of the Mosaic Home Services family of companies in 2018, Everlast Vinyl Fencing was established as Alberta’s premium vinyl fence company.

Presently, the local team at Everlast Vinyl Fencing continues to provide premium vinyl fences to both residential single-family homes and larger condominium complexes to meet and exceed Northern Alberta’s vinyl fence needs. With over eight years of experience in the industry, Everlast Vinyl Fencing has the expertise, knowledge, skills, and proper tools to install high-quality fencing solutions throughout Alberta.

Finding reputable fencing contractors in the Alberta region can be difficult as the industry is full of independent laborer’s who don’t hold the proper liability, insurance, and quality standards. Everlast Vinyl Fencing has worked hard on establishing an efficient team of installation technicians who are continuously trained and evaluated to remain effective. This team also holds the proper licenses and safety certificates to properly complete their fencing services to suit their clients’ needs.

Everlast Vinyl Fencing is proud to offer its clients a high-quality vinyl that is 100% North American manufactured. Their team offers a variety of choices from full privacy to lattice or rail details in a variety of colours and combinations.

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Everlast Vinyl Fencing’s StoryThe Story of Everlast Vinyl Fencing

A journey of pride in high quality product and services.

Everlast Vinyl Fencing was founded in 2013 by Arthur Boutin and his business partner Keith. Keith was a retired Edmonton Fire Services member who had plenty of experience building wood fences and decks and wanted to put his skills to use in a local business setting.

From 2013 to 2016, Arthur and Keith provided residential fence repair and replacement services primarily to single-family homeowners, a few land developers, and some property management firms in the capital region. The two took pride in their ability to supply a product that was second to none in the Edmonton fencing market and played an integral role in bringing vinyl fencing into Edmonton.

In 2016, the Knight family partnered with Arthur and in 2018, they founded Mosaic Home Services which delivers products and services to homeowners through a variety of home improvement-related brands.

In 2016, Keith unfortunately passed, leaving Arthur and his new partners with a massive hole in their hearts and their business. Together, they struggled to rebuild the business without Keith, who was integral in ensuring that every customer was happy and that every fence was perfectly straight.

Everlast Vinyl Fencing’s StoryRebuilding the Everlast Vinyl Fencing Team

Continually expanding services!

Through years of rebuilding, the Everlast Vinyl Fencing team has grown and has found a niche in providing fence replacement and fence building services primarily to multi-family property management companies and boards. Utilizing the infrastructure of Mosaic Home Services, the team at Everlast is able to provide not only a vinyl fence that is second to none but also an amazing service.

Through their detailed project management process, the Everlast team works with homeowners and property management boards to design fences that will beautify a property, increase its long-term value, and decrease maintenance for years to come.

Everlast Vinyl Fencing supplies and installs VEKA fencing products which are manufactured in North America and built to withstand Alberta’s frequent weather fluctuations. Every Everlast fence project, large or small, has a dedicated project manager who ensures that every client gets exactly what they were told and that every resident who is affected by replacement has someone to rely on to answer questions, correct deficiencies, and overcome the stress of a major renovation.

Everlast Vinyl Fencing continues to expand their service offerings through multi-family management companies and land developers as the popularity of vinyl fencing continues to increase in Alberta. Anyone can install a fence, but not everyone can replace 7000 feet for over 100 residents, all expecting a seamless construction experience. This is what Everlast is specialized in.

Everlast Vinyl FencingServices

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Timeless Full Vinyl Privacy Fence

By far, Everlast’s most popular fencing option is their timeless full vinyl privacy fence! Built to be extremely durable, flexible, and fade resistant, these incredible fences are perfect if you’re looking to enclose your property with a no-maintenance fencing option.

Vinyl fences are 100% recyclable, making them a wise investment for any homeowner looking to increase both the curb appeal and equity in their home. Not only will a vinyl fence last over double the lifetime of a wood fence, but it also doesn’t require constant staining or painting, making it a perfect choice if you’re looking to limit your environmental footprint.

Are you ready to learn more about Everlast’s various colour and style options in their vinyl privacy fencing solutions? Connect with their team today by filling out the contact form below or visiting their website.

Wood Fence & Other Options

Ensuring that clients' specific fencing needs are met.

Although their main focus is on premium vinyl fences, Everlast Vinyl Fencing does provide a number of other fencing options including wood fence, chain link fence, and temporary fencing.

This team works individually with each of their clients to ensure that their specific fencing needs are met. Every different type of fence has its own benefits and, although Everlast believes that vinyl is well worth the investment and builds equity in homes, they also have an extensive knowledge of other solutions as well. Connect with their team of fencing contractors today to learn more about which option is best for your property!

Residential vs. Condominium Fencing

Keen ability to work on projects both large and small!

With the ability to work on projects both large and small, Everlast Vinyl Fencing has the systems and structures in place to manage everything from single detached family homes to hundred unit condominium complexes.

With almost 700 residential properties completed and over a dozen condominium complexes, you can have confidence that this team of professional fencing contractors will get your fence done right.

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Whether you are a residential homeowner, property manager, or business representative searching for a fencing solution, Everlast Vinyl Fencing has a number of colour and style options to complement to look of your property.


Everlast Vinyl Fencing is proud to offer their clients with a premium vinyl fence option that is both high quality and 100% recyclable


The installation team at Everlast Vinyl Fencing has years of industry knowledge and experience.


Our fencing contractors and installers are frequently trained and evaluated to complete quality work in an efficient manner.

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To find out more about Everlast Vinyl Fencing’s range of services, and to get started with a free quote for your brand new vinyl fence, check out the Everlast Vinyl Fencing website. You won’t find a better fencing contractor in Alberta. If you’re looking for other home services, explore Mosaic Home Services’ other brand partners to meet your needs. From painting to cleaning, and many things in between, Mosaic Home Services has a top-notch brand partner to get the job done.

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