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At Mosaic Home Services Ltd. we are always working on Growth.

Growing our Brands, Growing our Minds, Growing our Dreams.

One of those goals is to grow into Canada’s Largest Home Improvement Franchise Network. But Why Franchise? Franchising allows bigger businesses to branch out and grow, while also giving people the opportunity to run their own business.

Think Independence with Guidance and Support.

With successful proven systems, processes, marketing, and administrative support to run a new profitable line of business Franchising can be the right path for you!

We recognize that the idea of franchising can be intimidating to some, and we know business isn’t easy. It takes work! But what if YOU could have all the benefits of being an entrepreneur with the resources of a bigger company? Less risk, yet still rewarding. Would you jump on that opportunity? We hope so!

As of March 2021, we at Mosaic Home Services are currently Franchising the following Brands:

Five Star Holiday Decor 

The Five Star Holiday Decor business model is designed to help business owners in industries that find their work is more seasonal. It’s designed to help you keep key employees busy year-round, and revenue is always flowing through the door. The peak period is of course September – December, however, opportunities exist year-round to help homeowners and commercial properties brighten their spaces.

Screen Savers Plus 

The Screen Savers business model is designed as a business in a “Box”. Everything you should need to run your business successfully is with you daily. Leave the bugs out and Bring in the Breeze and the Opportunity this year with Screen Savers Plus!

If you have the energy and the drive of an entrepreneur and want the experience of a successful business model to align and grow with, reach out to us today for more information.

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