Community InvestmentMay 10, 2024by Cissy Xu0Empowering Our Community: Mosaic’s Journey in Social Responsibility

At Mosaic Home Services and its affiliated brands, our hearts beat with a deep commitment to nurturing the community that has nurtured us. We recognize the profound importance of giving back to the very foundation upon which our growth stands. It’s not just a responsibility; it’s our privilege to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that extend a helping hand to local organizations.

We wholeheartedly believe in developing partnerships with local charitable organizations, rallying behind their causes to amplify awareness and rally support. Many of these organizations are not well known and require financial aid to continue their operations. They also need increased awareness to highlight their worthy pursuits.

We understand that knowledge is power, and through our efforts to raise awareness, we aim to cast a wider net of support, extending our reach to touch more lives. Our team members and community nominations deeply influence our selection process for partnering organizations. This ensures that our efforts truly resonate with the heartbeats of our neighborhoods.

List of the charity organizations Mosaic Home Services has supported on Charity Day as of the end of 2024.

Our community investment initiative commenced in 2021. This began with the introduction of ‘Charity Day,’ a monthly event. Every last Thursday, we allocate a portion of our sales to support a local charity. Fueled by internal passion and external interest, our commitment expanded significantly. In 2024, we established the Mosaic Home Services Community Foundation.

Through this foundation, our goal is to foster equitable support for all participating charities. We strive to ensure that every worthy cause receives the attention and resources it deserves. Our vision extends beyond the horizon, with aspirations to broaden our community investments in the years to come, touching more families, uplifting more spirits, and igniting more hope.

Just as Mosaic Home Services is your destination for home improvement, we aim for our charitable efforts to integrate into your community journey. Together, let’s create a community as beautiful as our homes, weaving compassion, support, and unity.

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