Charity of the MonthApril 15, 2024by Cissy Xu0April 2024 Charity of the Month: Parkinson Association of Alberta

Hello, Edmontonians! As the snow fades and green shoots start to peek through the soil, we’re reminded of the cycles of renewal and hope that nature presents to us. This transformation is especially meaningful in April, as we come together to support the Parkinson Association of Alberta during Parkinson’s Awareness Month. It’s a time when we, at Mosaic Home Services, commit to helping those among us facing the everyday challenges of Parkinson’s disease. By standing with them, we reflect on the strength and resilience required to navigate such a journey, affirming our dedication to lending support, understanding, and compassion. Let’s use this time to connect, to understand, and to extend our hands in solidarity to those who are walking this path, demonstrating that in our community, no one walks alone.

Pioneers of Hope and Support

Founded in the vibrant heart of Alberta, the Parkinson Association of Alberta has grown from a small group of committed advocates to a cornerstone of support across the province since its inception. This organization has been a stalwart ally in the fight against Parkinson’s disease, continually expanding its reach and resources to meet the growing needs of the community. Through a comprehensive suite of programs including support groups, personalized therapy sessions, and educational workshops, they have crafted a robust support system. Their pivotal role extends beyond just care; they empower patients and their families with essential tools and knowledge for managing Parkinson’s effectively, advocating for broader systemic changes to enhance patient care provincially. Their enduring commitment reflects in their proactive approach to wellness, advocacy, and community engagement.


Empowering Through Education and Advocacy

The Parkinson Association of Alberta’s tailored programs are designed to meet the varied needs of individuals at different stages of Parkinson’s disease. These include:

  • Support Networks: Extensive community-based groups across Alberta offer emotional camaraderie and practical assistance, fostering a supportive environment where individuals and their families can share experiences and solutions.
  • Educational Workshops: These workshops provide crucial information on disease management, latest research developments, and practical care strategies to equip patients and caregivers with the knowledge to handle day-to-day challenges effectively.
  • Physical and Speech Therapy: Customized therapeutic sessions focus on alleviating physical symptoms and improving communication abilities. These interventions are critical in maintaining function and enhancing quality of life, involving professional therapists skilled in neurological rehabilitation.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: Beyond direct support, the Association advocates for better healthcare policies and heightened public awareness. They strive to shape public and private policies that more effectively address the needs of the Parkinson’s community, thereby expanding their impact.

These programs are pivotal in not just managing the disease but actively improving life quality for those affected, ensuring that every individual has access to the support they need.


The Transformative Impact

The Parkinson Association of Alberta’s initiatives have profoundly bettered the lives of many, evident from measurable outcomes. For instance, their therapeutic programs have led to a 40% improvement in mobility for participants, according to recent surveys. Additionally, 85% of those involved in their support groups report significantly reduced feelings of isolation and depression. These statistics underscore the critical role the Association plays in providing life-altering support and enabling individuals to reclaim their independence and stability.

Support Parkinson’s Awareness This April

This April, make a difference with Mosaic Home Services!

During our Charity Day, which is Thursday, April 25th, 5% of all sales and approved quotes will benefit the Parkinson Association of Alberta. Choose from our seven home services—be it home cleaning, painting, fencing, adding a screen door, or installing shiny lights—and contribute to a cause that supports resilience and hope for those affected by Parkinson’s disease. Join us in this community effort to strengthen our support for these individuals. Together, we can create a significant impact.

Stay updated and learn how to get involved through our social media and Parkinson Association of Alberta’s website. Together, we are stronger!

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