Charity of the MonthMarch 21, 2024by Cissy Xu0March 2024 Charity of the Month: Little Warriors

Hello, friends and neighbors in Edmonton! As we shake off the last chills of winter and welcome the promising warmth of spring, it’s a time for new beginnings and renewed commitments. This March, Mosaic Home Services is proud to partner with an organization that embodies hope, healing, and the protective spirit of our community: Little Warriors.

Little Warriors: Guardians of Innocence

Imagine a place where the most vulnerable among us are given the strength to heal and the power to soar above their trauma. That’s what Little Warriors is all about. This national charity, deeply rooted in compassion and resilience, dedicates itself to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse, and advocates for the survivors. Founded by a survivor for survivors, Little Warriors has transformed personal tragedy into a collective mission of empowerment and recovery​​.

A Closer Look at Little Warriors’ Life-Changing Programs

Be Brave Ranch: Imagine a sanctuary where healing begins the moment you arrive. That’s the Be Brave Ranch. It’s more than a treatment center; it’s a journey back to joy for children and teens affected by sexual abuse. With tailored therapies spanning a year, both on-site and as outpatient care, this program offers comprehensive healing, blending various therapeutic modalities to guide each child towards recovery​​.

Prevent It! Workshop: Knowledge is power, and Little Warriors arms adults with this power through the Prevent It! Workshop. Developed with the expertise of the University of Alberta, this workshop enlightens adults on how to prevent, recognize, and act against child sexual abuse. It’s a clarion call to all of us to protect our children with informed vigilance and unwavering courage​​.

Bridge Online Programs: In today’s digital age, support needs to transcend physical boundaries, and Little Warriors does just that. Through its Bridge Online Programs, it offers immediate, virtual mental health support and educational resources. Whether it’s intensive support for those affected by trauma or self-directed educational content for youth, these programs ensure that help is just a click away, anytime, anywhere​​.

The Impact That Echoes

The impact of Little Warriors stretches far beyond the confines of its programs. It’s seen in the smiles of children rediscovering their worth, in the empowered stance of adults vigilant against abuse, and in the community bonds strengthened by shared commitment to protect the innocent. The Be Brave Ranch alone stands as a testament to the transformative healing that is possible, offering a beacon of hope that has illuminated the path to recovery for countless children and their families.


Join Us This March in Supporting Little Warriors

This March, let your choice to engage with Mosaic Home Services be a choice to stand with Little Warriors. On our Charity Day, 5% of all sales and approved quotes across our seven brands will bolster the noble cause of Little Warriors. By choosing us for your home service needs, you’re not just investing in quality service; you’re investing in a future where every child can grow up safe and supported.

So, whether you’re sprucing up your space with a fresh coat of paint, giving your windows a sparkling clean, or planning any home improvement renovation with us, remember: your choice has the power to change lives.

Stay connected with us on social media for updates on this heartwarming partnership and how together, we’re making a difference. Let’s embrace this opportunity to bring light to the lives of children in need, proving once again that our community is strongest when we care for our most vulnerable. Your support transforms awareness into action, hope into healing. Together, we are a force of compassion and protection for the little warriors among us.

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