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The Importance of Learning

I believe in every organization it is important to always be learning at every level. We at Mosaic Home Services take the opportunity in our Quarterly Themes to learn collectively. This way we are all focused on the same goals and can be not only accountable to ourselves but to each other. I have found this type of learning to be more efficient and appropriate than on an individual level, although we do provide that if it is required for a specific skill or situation.

While we learn collectively it is also important to recognize how individuals learn and that not everyone is able to learn the same way.

The right environment is essential to deep learning and can foster development within the individual which in turn helps the growth of the company. Set up the room so it is conducive for conversation, taking notes if necessary and even a video presentation. Make the environment comfortable, relaxing, and inviting, with plenty of space for movement if necessary. The ability to learn a new concept, skill or idea must begin with feeling open, safe, and secure.

The choice of the subject you want your team to learn is just as important as the environment and should be chosen by the management team.  One subject might work for one company but not another; it may not align with our core values or direction of our goals. It is important that the management decides what knowledge is pertinent to the group to achieve the goals set for the quarter.

When one person succeeds we all do.

–  Bill Knight, Creator of Culture & Accountability

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