Business MentorhsipMarch 30, 2021by Bill Knight0Mentorship Blog 4: The Importance of Processes


Where are the keys? 

Processes tell people what to do every day. What happens if your key employee quits? Gets sick? Moves? Any number of unforeseen circumstances can and most likely will happen on any given day in any given week in any year during a business’s lifespan. It is naïve to trust one person with a task integral to the company’s day-to-day operation and not have a process written for that task. If that person is no longer available that task can not be performed and that can cause a ripple effect that impacts the entire operation of the company.

For example, Joe works at a Paint company. Joe knows where the spare keys are for the two vans the painting company owns. One of the vans is with the crew out of town working on a big project. Joe didn’t show up for his shift. Joe is not answering his phone. Joe has the key for the other van. The second crew cannot get to the job site with the tools because they do not know where the spare keys are – or even if there are spare keys.

If there was a process in place, Joe’s MIA would not be an issue. Everyone would know what to do in an emergency. The keys would be located the customer would have his project being painted and Joe would probably be receiving an ROE.

Processes ensure the operational tasks and activities performed by team members are performed correctly and the overall goals of the organization are achieved.

Each process is built to help facilitate a strategy that enables the company to advance with seasoned or new team members. Processes are the road maps of the operation of the company.

This is how you get to your destination.

-Bill Knight
Creator of Culture and Accountability
Mosaic Home Services

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