Hey, hey! It’s summer here is Alberta and we are excited to share some news with you! Three things that our team at Mosaic Home Services is passionate about is investment, growth, and mentorship. The opportunity to work with passionate, local entrepreneurs in our home city is an incredible gift and we are grateful for the chance to help them grow their business into a franchisable business model. 

Recently we had one of our own team members reach out to our mentorship group with the dream of partnering with Mosaic and owning her own residential cleaning business. We jumped at the opportunity to learn more about this residential maid service and grew a detailed business plan to see how we could service our clients and the other residents of Edmonton better. 

From these discussions, our team at Mosaic Home Services is proud to announce our newest home improvement brand, Miraculous Maids! Focusing in residential maid services, one time cleaning services, and move in & out cleaning services, we know that this team will do great things for many homeowners in Edmonton.

This team has over 10 years of experience in the residential cleaning industry and knows the tips and tricks in running a successful cleaning service. With the passion that the team possess every project that Miraculous Maids take on is destined to succeed. And that means no disappointment for clients. You can be sure to receive an exceptional service every time when you hire Miraculous Maids! They are great at providing deep cleaning and move-out cleaning services. Keep an eye out for them and the incredible work that they do!

Are you interested in getting your home professionally cleaned this Spring? Connect with the Miraculous Maids team today at 780-702-5387 for your free quote. Our Team would be happy to go over your cleaning needs and answer any questions that you may have.

Have a business that you’re extremely passionate about in the home improvement industry? Looking to partner with an incredible team that is dedicated to investment, growth, and mentorship? You could be our next brand! Connect with our mentorship team at Mosaic Home Services at 780-910-6688 to go over your business idea or fill out our contact form below!

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