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Mosaic Home Services is a truly unique company. I started working here in April and since then I learned so much about different services for Home maintenance. I am writing articles here about topics like painting, holiday decor and screen doors I am becoming quite an expert in all the details of taking care of the home. Mosaic Home Services harbors 8 Home Improvement brands that offer Yard Care, Window and Gutter Cleaning, Demolition, Maid Services, Holiday Decor, Fencing and Screen Doors. And did I mention Painting? That’s right, both exterior and interior. It’s a one stop shop for getting your home well maintained. 

The coolest thing about Mosaic Home services is that they sell franchises to the passionate entrepreneurs that might already have a seasonal business, but have a lot of free time during the off season, so they are looking to find a reliable and proven system that works well for them. Simply put, they provide seasonal franchise opportunities. 

Charity Day at Mosaic Home Services is always exciting – phones are ringing, clients are eager to book services, employees celebrating the wins and cheering each other on. The company messenger group is full of sales announcements and celebration GIFs. Clients are excited to participate as well and support the local charity by booking a service on that day. 

As a Digital Media Specialist I caught Charity Day 3 times since I started working here. I was curious about it and decided to chat with Grace Knight, our Chief Encouragement Officer and asked her all the questions I had. 

Here is the conversation we had: 

Anastasia – How did the Charity Day Idea first represent itself at Mosaic Home Services?

Grace – We are always are big believers of giving back to the community that supports our business, so instead of just randomly choosing a charity, we decided to get the entire team involved, and so the team members here all chose a charity that they feel passionate about and we put it into a draw, so every month we choose a charity out of the draw, and that’s the charity that we support for the last Thursday of every month.

Anastasia- Nice. And is it always local charity or do you pick charities from all over the world? 

Grace – We choose local charities, but of course a lot of those charities are a part of a larger organization. It might be United Way for example which is Canada wide and Nationwide. There is a United Way in the States too. 

Anastasia – Which ones have you donated to so far? 

Grace – So far we’ve done Basically Babies, Kids with Cancer, Pride Centre, the most recent one was CASA – Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health. We’ve done Adaptabilities, Youth Empowerment Support Services and some others. 

Anastasia- I can see that you like supporting children and Youth focused charities – is that something that aligns with the values of the company?

Grace- You know it does. And then our corporate social responsibility policy outlines our core values. And what we would like to support is Youth, Children and Family social services or anything that supports Family Social Services in the area. 

Anastasia – That sounds great, I think it’s amazing that Mosaic Home Services is giving back to the community in financial ways. So, what does donation look like, how do you usually proceed with charity tasks?

Grace- Well, we take a percentage of the total amount of sales for the last Thursday of the month and the Sales team gets really behind the Charity and they talk to their clients, the clients take pride in the event as well. So, sometimes they save their orders to that day and than they go out and they approve the quote and they wait till the last Thursday of the month before they purchase service from us and then we take 5% of our total sales that day and we donate it to that charity. 

Anastasia – Interesting. It sounds really exciting, so it sounds like the clients are happy that they contribute as well. 

Grace- And so we also try to promote the chosen charity on Social Media and give them a lot of publicity. We try to give them in other ways, not just monetary donations. So leading up to the Charity Day for the entire month we make a lot of posts about the chosen charity and we get a lot of traction for them because we want to raise awareness for them as well. 

Anastasia – What do you recommend to businesses that are new and haven’t done any charity work yet. What is the best way to start? 

Grace- I think they need to find something that aligns with their values among the charitable organizations, and there are so many worthy ones out there, there are so many, there are a ton!

And if they need help finding one, the best way is to reach out to the community, start small, there might be somebody in their community league perhaps that knows of a charity that they’ve reached out to on a personal level or a charity that they know that has helped somebody in their personal life. Or if they can’t find one that they know off hand they can always go to the United Way and the United Way will point them in the right direction for the causes they would like to support. 

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