Mosaic updatesDecember 30, 2020by Kendra Lawrysyn0Mosaic Home Services December 2020 Update

It is the end December, and this month has gone extremely fast for all our teams here at Mosaic Home Services. The holidays always seem to make this month shorter and our teams are committed to completing as many home improvements projects as we can before the New Year arrives. That and having to adapt our practices to follow the newest COVID-19 restrictions outlined by the province has made a very busy month.

Just a reminder from our November 2020 Update: Our family of home improvement brands here at Mosaic Home Services are making sure that safety is our number one priority. When it comes to our home services, we often like to do on-site consultations to get a better idea of the scope of your renovation or maintenance project and provide you with a free quote. You can be rest assured that our team at Mosaic Home Services are doing everything that we can to ensure the safety of our team and our clients.

Whether this being scheduling our quotation appointments with plenty of time for travel for those Winter road conditions, or supplying our team with face masks, hand sanitizers, and training on how to properly interact with clients in this growingly digital world, Mosaic Home Services is putting its best foot forward to be conscious at the end of 2020 and going into 2021.

With the diverse portfolio that our family at Mosaic Home Services has, there is always a seasonal business that is just starting its annual peak or starting to shut down for the season. With it being the end of December, our team at Five Star Holiday Décor has finished their main installation season for their custom holiday lighting packages and is celebrating another successful year in business.

With the new year right around the corner, our inside teams are hard at work creating take down schedules and establishing new quoting processes to make the 2021 season even better!

Even though Winter is here and in full force our teams at Everlast Vinyl Fencing and Screen Savers Plus are working on quoting projects for 2021! Did you know that these teams are able to provide budgetary pricing for your 2021 fencing and screen projects? We could not be more excited that their seasons are having an early kick off and that they are looking toward a great year!

What is up with the rest of our home improvement brands here at Mosaic Home Services? We have several teams that work consistently throughout the year. These brands are Downright Demolition, Colour Envy Painting, and the Cleaning Command. One of the benefits of working with a division of Mosaic Home Services is having a trusted contractor for the next step of your renovation project.

Let us look at a residential home example. If you are a homeowner looking to redo your dated basement you would start with our interior selective demolition experts at Downright Demolition. Their team would come into your space and remove all the elements that you are looking to replace like the existing carpets, old wood paneling on the walls, and remove the dated furniture. After there is a cleared slate our team of professional painters at Colour Envy Painting can come in and give the space a fresh new look. And to finish it off our team of cleaners at the Cleaning Command can provide exceptional cleaning services to make your newly renovated basement spotless!

Mosaic Home Services is proud to have reputable home improvement services in our organization and we look forward to servicing our clients in any way that we can. With 7 home improvement brands, our family at Mosaic Home Services is always able to provide you with the right service for the right time. Needs change throughout the year and we are ready to help you no matter which step you are on.

Are you interested in working with a local, reputable, entrepreneurial contractor for your next residential or commercial project? Reach out to our team today to be put into contact with the respective project manager!


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