Business MentorhsipJanuary 13, 2021by Bill Knight0Mentorship Blog 2: The Importance of Morning Huddle

Every morning our team at Mosaic Home Services starts the day with a morning huddle. It is an informal meeting, intended to be more of a peer-to-peer information session designed to support each member of the team in their specific goals for each day.  Each team member has two minutes to share with the group the following:

  • What’s up- an update or account of something relevant to the group regarding the business.
  • Top three tasks for the day
  • An update on their KPI’s for the week
  • Where they are stuck-and who they can count on for help
  • And finally, what they are grateful for.

The purpose of our morning huddle is to align our team and set goals. It makes us accountable to each other and ourselves. It builds unity within our team and our company.

Having the huddle at the beginning of the day gives us each an individual responsibility for the betterment of the company. It guides us towards a common goal while being individually responsible for our own work and piece of it.

That two minutes per person in the morning is the most important and effective part of the day. If one person from the group has a lead, he or she may be able to pass along to another person, the possibility of making your customer larger has multiplied. Morning huddle starts our day with focus, purpose, and goals.  It is also only effective if, as the leader you check in multiple times throughout the day. No General in an Army would send troops to War and only check on them once; you must have that constant communication.

The composition of our company is structured in such a way that there are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of different structures. To align each of them to be focused together and coordinate I thought the morning huddle would be a fantastic tool to keep us all moving in a forward direction while helping each other achieve a common goal.

Having individual KPI’s, top three tasks and morning updates give the team ownership in the company and create advocacy for the direction of the company’s growth. If one person struggles, we all do.

The gratitude section of our huddle is so important. We get caught up in the next task, the next sale, the next customer it can become quite easy to be overwhelmed with your to do list. It is important to take that breath and feel the gratitude for even the simplest things; the sunshine, your favorite coffee, the walk in the river valley- literally anything you are grateful for. Because we can never have enough appreciation but always have enough thanklessness.

Essentially the Morning Huddle is a tool we use to keep us all aligned and moving in the same direction. Without alignment in the team everything can fall apart very quickly.

— Bill Knight


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