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Tomorrow is Charity Day

Wow – another month has passed. It’s been a long, hot month, and we’re very excited to be celebrating our August Charity Day tomorrow! 

Each month, our team comes together on the last Thursday of each month to donate to a local charity. Community investments are incredibly important to the Mosaic Group and each member of it. We love and feel so fulfilled by the opportunity to support and give back to our community each month by supporting a different local charity. 

5% of all sales made by all of our home service brands on the last Thursday of August will go to Tools for School! If you have been thinking about investing in a premium home service or product through any of our brands, tomorrow’s the day to do it. By approving your quote tomorrow, you’ll be donating 5% of your purchase straight to this local initiative. 

We post a new blog post each month that highlights our charity of the month. If you haven’t had the chance to read through them, we definitely suggest taking a peek when you have a chance!

About Tools for School

Tools for School is an organization that facilitates the gathering, purchasing, and distribution of school supplies for children in the Alberta Capital Region.

“United Way’s Tools for School aims to reduce one known barrier preventing children and youth from successful learning and participation in school. Through support of community donors and corporate sponsors, we continue to meet the needs of children and youth in our community.”

The need for school supplies and backpacks is as many as 1 in every 10 students. Tools for School essentially makes sure that children have access to supplies and, therefore, equal opportunity in their education. 

Most schools in the Alberta Capital Region participate in the Tools for School program, making it easy for parents and guardians to access the supplies and backpacks for their children. Essentially, if your child is in need of school supplies, you simply have to let your school know that your child needs a Tools for School backpack. 

If your school is not yet a part of the program, they simply have to send an email to to become a part of it. Feel free to encourage them to do so if your child is in need. 

Both donations of school supplies and backpacks and monetary donations are accepted and help to bring supplies to children in need. Supplies themselves must be new or unused and must not have company logos on them (to ensure that children cannot be identified as part of this program).

For more information on high needs items and approved supply lists, please visit the Tools for School website

children wearing backpacks smiling together

Supporting Children’s Educations

In 2021 alone, Tools for School distributed 12,589 backpacks and kits to children in need, volunteers gave 450 hours to packing backpacks, and Staples stores in the Alberta Capital Region raised more than $119,000 in support. 

This year, the demand and need for backpacks, kits, and school supplies is higher than ever. By mid-August, Tools for School had already seen a record high of 15,500 requests for school supplies. From the hostility of the current economic climate to the many newcomers settling in the Alberta Capital Region, Tools for School is in need of a lot of support this year. 

On average, each school backpack costs about $42.00 to fill. Not every child is able to start school in an equal position to their peers because their family cannot afford school supplies. 

However, the money that you are able to help us donate can and will go a long way for this initiative and for these struggling families and children. Each child in our community deserves equal opportunity and equal access to education. We are very honored to be able to help with that and can’t wait to see our group of companies and our customer-base rally to do so. 

Thank you for continuing to support us and, therefore, our community. We’ll see you next month for our next Charity Day!

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