Charity of the MonthSeptember 20, 2023by Cissy Xu0September 2023 Charity of the Month: Canadian MPS Society

As the warmth of summer gradually gives way to the crispness of fall, we find ourselves embracing the changing seasons once again. The year has swiftly passed, and it’s incredible to reflect on all that has transpired. How has your journey been thus far in 2023? With summer behind us, are you feeling the brisk autumn breeze and witnessing the world’s transformation into a tapestry of vibrant fall colors?

As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to paint the landscape with their brilliant hues, this season brings its unique charm and opportunities. It’s a time to savor cozy moments, enjoy the comfort of warm beverages, and prepare for the adventures that the upcoming months hold. With September upon us, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce our partnership with the Canadian MPS Society as our first charity this season for our September Charity Day.

Unraveling the Mystery of MPS

What is MPS? Well, in the intricate tapestry of human biology, there exists a fascinating but lesser-known chapter – a group of rare genetic disorders known as Mucopolysaccharidoses or MPS. These conditions cast a shadow on the body’s ability to break down and recycle complex carbohydrates called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are vital for the structural integrity of tissues like bones, cartilage, and connective tissues.

Imagine your body as a finely tuned recycling system, much like how we sort and recycle materials to keep our environment clean. In a similar fashion, our cells must efficiently break down and recycle GAGs to maintain our well-being. However, for individuals with MPS, a genetic mutation disrupts the function of specific enzymes responsible for GAG breakdown.

The consequence? GAGs accumulate within cells and tissues, giving rise to a spectrum of physical and neurological symptoms. The presentation and severity of MPS can vary significantly based on the specific subtype of the disease.

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Common Characteristics of MPS:

Individuals with MPS experience either an enzyme deficiency in one of the 11 necessary enzymes required to break down mucopolysaccharides (lengthy sugar molecule chains) into simpler compounds or the production of malfunctioning enzymes. MPS encompasses several unique syndromes, each arising from a distinct inherited enzyme deficiency. At birth, a child with MPS typically appears healthy and progresses normally during the initial year or longer, contingent on the specific MPS subtype they carry.

The early signs of MPS can differ, manifesting at various stages of childhood. Typical symptoms that often prompt medical attention include:

  • Skeletal Abnormalities: Many individuals with MPS contend with skeletal deformities, including joint stiffness, limited mobility, and abnormal bone growth, leading to physical disabilities and distinctive physical features.
  • Organ Dysfunction: GAG accumulation can affect vital organs like the heart, liver, and spleen, causing organ enlargement and impaired function.
  • Facial Features: Some MPS subtypes are associated with unique facial characteristics, such as a broad nose, prominent forehead, and enlarged tongue.
  • Respiratory Issues: GAG buildup in the airways can lead to breathing difficulties, including sleep apnea and recurrent respiratory infections.
  • Neurological Symptoms: In specific MPS subtypes, cognitive impairment, developmental delays, and neurological challenges may arise.
  • Vision and Hearing Problems: Visual and hearing impairments can result from GAG buildup in the eyes and ears.
  • Corneal Clouding: Clouding of the corneas is a common symptom in several MPS subtypes, impacting vision.

About the Canadian MPS Society:

The Canadian MPS Society stands as a beacon of hope and support for individuals and families impacted by MPS and related lysosomal storage disorders in Canada.Throughout its history, the organization has been unwavering in its dedication to raising awareness about MPS, advancing research, and providing unwavering support to patients and their families. Their extensive support programs encompass:

  • Patient and Family Support: Offering compassionate guidance through helplines, support groups, and one-on-one counseling for individuals and families facing the challenges of MPS.
  • Awareness and Education: Advocating for increased awareness and organizing educational initiatives to empower both the public and healthcare professionals with knowledge about these rare disorders.
  • Research and Advocacy: Driving groundbreaking research into MPS and advocating for the rights and needs of MPS patients at the government level, ensuring access to essential healthcare and support services.
  • Financial Assistance: Extending financial support to alleviate the burden of medical expenses, equipment costs, and other essentials required for comprehensive MPS care.
  • Community Building: Fostering a sense of community through events, social gatherings, and online forums, connecting individuals and families with shared experiences.
  • Public Awareness: Conducting public awareness campaigns to shine a light on MPS and the urgent need for support and research funding.

Additionally, in response to the emotional challenges faced by parents of children with MPS, the Canadian MPS Society is currently developing the Compass Program. This program aims to offer tailored and timely access to peer support, self-help, spiritual guidance, and formal mental health services. It will cater to individuals at various points on the disease continuum, from pre-diagnosis to post-bereavement, recognizing the critical importance of mental and emotional well-being for MPS-affected families.

The work undertaken by the Canadian MPS Society is nothing short of remarkable, touching the lives of individuals and families across Canada, offering hope and assistance where it’s needed most.

Donating to the Canadian MPS Society empowers vital services!

How You Can Get Involved:

Your support is instrumental in helping the Canadian MPS Society fulfill its mission. By contributing to their cause, you become an integral part of their efforts to combat MPS and its related programs. On September 28th, 2023, 5% of all sales generated through our home service companies will be donated to the Canadian MPS Society to support their cause.

Participating is simple: Making a purchase through our brands on that day not only directs 5% of your investment directly to the Canadian MPS Society but also ensures you receive top-quality home services in return. It’s a win-win situation. Whether you need a thorough fall home cleaning, want to complete your fencing project before winter, or are booking holiday lights installation, we’ve got you covered.

By choosing our services on September 28th, you’re making a meaningful contribution to a noble cause while benefiting from exceptional service in return.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, and stay tuned for our next update, where we’ll unveil our Charity of the Month for October. In the meantime, continue making a positive impact in our community!


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