Spring has officially arrived and our team of home improvement experts at Mosaic Home Services are ready to tackle all of those Spring Cleaning Checklists! If you’re wondering which projects are the best to work on this Spring, make sure to check out our Spring Cleaning list and see how each of our home improvement brands are able to help with their reputable services.

Interior Cleaning

Interior Spring Cleaning

With the warmer weather making an appearance, the snow starting to melt, and the promise of new beginnings, it’s no wonder why homeowners have that itch to thoroughly clean their homes!

When you take the time to thoroughly clean and maintain your home, studies have shown that this will actually make the homeowner and other residents happier! It is said that cleaning will create a sense of satisfaction, which in turn will put you in a good mood.

Now everyone wants a clean home, but there are always those items on the home Spring Cleaning Checklist that you dread completing. This is the perfect opportunity to step back and call a local cleaning company, such as our team at the Cleaning Command, to come in and tackle those hard-to-reach areas and undesirable projects.

Having a team of professional cleaners come into your home will ensure that you get the deep cleaning service your home requires while you work on the other items on your list!

Check out some of the most common Spring Cleaning services that you should get your local cleaning company to tackle:

  • Spring Carpet Cleaning
  • Spring Area Rug Cleaning – to get all of that salt, sand, and snow mould out from the Winter months!
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning – including wiping down the doors and inside your cabinets!
  • Baseboard Cleaning
  • Wall Washing

Exterior Spring Cleaning

Homeowners love to have a clean home in the Spring, and one of the best ways to enjoy this newly found warmer weather is by opening your windows to let the fresh air flow through your home! But what no one likes to see is the spotted and dirt-covered windows that result from a long hard Winter.

Though when most people think about Spring Cleaning they automatically think of the interior of their home, it’s important to consider the exterior Spring Cleaning list too! Having your windows cleaned, gutters cleared, and exterior structures pressure washed will leave the entirety of your home clean and ready for the season to start!

Now, this is easier said than done. Exterior cleaning can seem like a whole different ball game if you don’t have the proper equipment, safety training, and experience to make sure it gets done right the first time. This is why it is important to hire a local window washing and gutter cleaning company, like our team at Shine Above Window and Gutter Cleaning, to safely and efficiently clean the exterior of your home.

Check out these top exterior cleaning to-do’s:

  • Exterior Window Washing
  • Interior Window Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning / Eavestrough Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing Exterior Structures – like decks, fences, outdoor furniture, siding, walkways and driveways

Another exterior Spring Clean Up Checklist to go over is your Spring yard care cleanup! After a long Winter season, every property could use some extra TLC to get back in tip-top shape for Spring! The team of maintenance technicians at Yard Hero is ready to help with their Spring Cleanup services!

From dog waste cleanup to power raking and aerating to your first grass cutting, completing a thorough yard care cleanup is a great way to get your property looking its best for the season.

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Maintenance

Home Maintenance Projects

Spring is the optimal time of year to complete all of those home maintenance projects on your to-do list. Not only will this leave your home in tip-top shape, but it will also give you the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the season and warmer months doing fun-filled activities!

Ready to get a head start on your maintenance projects? Check out our list of some of the most common tasks below:

Interior and Exterior Painting:

This one is crucial if you’re looking to get your Spring started off on the right foot. Having a fresh coat of paint on the walls to fix all those knicks and scrapes collected throughout the Winter will leave your home looking like it’s in pristine condition! Whether you’re looking for a fresh coat of the current paint colour, or are looking to bring a new feel to your home with an exciting new colour, a local professional painting company would be happy to help transform your space through colour.

The team at Colour Envy Painting in Edmonton is a go-to when it comes to both interior and exterior painting projects. Working with both residential homeowners and larger commercial properties, no project is too big or too small for their team of dedicated project managers and professional painters. Reach out to them for colour advice and your free quote today!

Backyard Maintenance Projects:

Now that the interior of your home is looking its best, it’s time to turn outside to jump on the remaining maintenance and improvement projects. The majority of homeowners have spent the last year enjoying their properties to the fullest, and with another year of social distancing ahead it’s important to create the perfect yard for your specific needs!

Indoor and outdoor living is increasingly popular in the Edmonton area, and what better way to bring the outdoors in than with a custom screen solution! If you have a covered deck or patio, the team at Screen Savers Plus offers a number of unique screens to provide you with additional privacy, bug protection, and sun protection. Enjoying the fresh breeze in each space of your home is their goal, and with their retractable screen doors or retractable drop-down screens, this is an easy accomplishment.

Looking to bring some additional ambiance to your deck or patio? The team at Five Star Holiday Decor is currently installing beautiful custom patio lights to bring warmth and light to your spaces. Enjoy your yard late into the night with family and friends by lighting your space with a variety of bulb types. Not only will this make your space unique, but it will also increase the safety of the space for your guests.

When making these improvements to your backyard, it’s important to consider your privacy and security. What better way to accomplish this than a premium vinyl privacy fence? If your current fence requires a repair or is ready to be replaced, the fencing contractors at Everlast Vinyl Fencing are here for you. With a variety of different vinyl colour and style options available, your property will be looking its best with a boosted curb appeal!

Ready to jump into a renovation or maintenance project? You’ll need to remove the old before you can bring in the new. If you’re looking to bring down a structure, like your existing fence, remove material from the inside of your home, like those outdated popcorn ceilings, or even remove large pieces to bring in new furniture, the team at Downright Demolition has the solution for you. With over fifty years of combined experience in the demolition and junk removal industry, this team knows how to bring it down right.

Are you excited to start your Spring Cleaning Checklist? Connect with our team at Mosaic Home Services today at  780-910-6688 to get in touch with our home service brands or to reach out to one of our dedicated project managers! Our home improvement experts would be happy to go over your maintenance projects and help create a game plan for your Spring Cleaning Checklist.