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What is the #1 Priority?

We talk a lot about our priorities. What are our top 3, or top 5 priorities we need to accomplish today, this
week, this month, this quarter? Even our priorities have priorities. Some people struggle with what is a
priority. What priority should be #1?
The First and most important priority should be self-care. Not only is it the top priority it is the most
an important aspect of leadership.
If, as a leader, you are burnt out, tired, overwhelmed, you cannot perform at your very best. Your team
knows it, sees it, and cannot perform at their very best.
The following are 5 things I do to make self care the top #1 priority so that I can perform to the best of
my ability, not only for me but for my team.

1. Schedule it.
It starts with a schedule-investing in the time it takes to take care of yourself makes it a
priority! If it’s in the calendar it cannot be changed moved or deleted.

2. Develop a routine.
Everyone lives on their own schedule and enjoys different things, find what works for
you and stick to it. I enjoy morning workouts-it gets me motivated and my blood flowing
for the day ahead. So, every day I wake up at 5:30 am and work out for an hour, have a
steam shower and am ready to face the day rejuvenated.

3. Read.
a. Read anything, something. It can be a business book, a self-help book, a novel. Just
something to entertain your mind and get those neurons firing in the right way. Studies
have shown reading increases brain connectivity, helps fight depression and lowers
blood pressure. Read at least ten pages a day.

4. Gratitude.
a. Every Morning I read a passage from a Good Karma book and an Affirmation. It does not
matter where you get your inspiration-as long as you remember to have or show
gratitude in whichever way suits you.

5. Get out in Nature.
Whether you prefer to walk, run, or ride a bike, it’s important to get out for at least an
hour every day and detach from the computer, phone, TV and enjoy nature. It will help
reduce anxiety, quiet your brain, help you relax. Nature is an antidote for stress.
Being a good leader should start by being good to ourselves so that we may be great for others who
depend on us.

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